The Convenient NewTeeth Straightening Solution

So, I was finally able to afford orthodontics and went ahead with Orthosnap by my friend recommendation, who already completed her teeth straightening with Orthosnap NY. My smile looks so much better. My teeth are a little less wide now and I like it. But seriously, even my teeth aren't that bad and I'm so excited I'm getting them "fixed" with OrthoSnap.

Lisa C.jan 2017

My treatment was only six months. I can finally smile showing my teeth in pictures. I still have another week and tray left but couldn't wait to see the final results. I can't believe how dramatic the results are. Highly recommend doing it. Scheduling an appointment was very easy and the staff was a pleasure to deal with. Thanks!!!

Mark H.jan 2017

So excited, just picked up my last tray of aligners, my overlapping front teeth are finally straight after wearing trays for a year and a half. I was so nervous about getting braces because I felt like they looked so goofy. No one ever noticed these trays. I am truly loving my results. I am so glad I went through with this, thank you to the staff!!!

Annabelle K.jan 2017